Shut up, Karen, the Adults Are Talking

Kelly Scaletta
4 min readJul 17, 2020
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In 2016, there was story after story about “trying to understand” the Donald Trump supporters and their “economic anxiety.” Yeah, that needs to stop.

Karens (both male and female) are just a bunch of yammering lemmings who “learn” everything they know from Fox News and actually believe Trump is the only one telling the truth and everyone else is lying.

The best thing to do is lock them out of the room so the adults can have an adult conversation.

This might sound harsh, but it’s not. They’ve lost a place at the table because like their hero, they have no interest in engaging with actual reality.

Not wearing a mask isn’t the exercise of some “right.” It’s the obdurate action of a selfish person willfully endangering other people’s lives because of their politics.

Sit down and shut up, Karen.

And put on a mask.

I don’t care about your psychosomatic hysterics about not getting enough oxygen. Your brain clearly doesn’t use it anyway.

I don’t give a flying squat what you “think” about re-opening the economy or re-opening schools because you don’t give a flying squat about not killing people with your breath.

It’s precisely because of people like you that we weren’t able to do the shut-down right the first time.

Your indifference to human life makes you a terrible person, and terrible people don’t get to try to solve problems.

Police violence against minorities and systemic racism in America are actual facts. They are not opinions. If you have the “opinion” that there isn’t, then you are ignorant of what the actual facts are.

It is quantifiably true that Black Americans are more likely to be arrested, killed, or imprisoned.

Their schools receive less funding, they’re less likely to finish college, and less likely to get the same jobs as their white classmates if they graduate.

Racial discrimination is not just a “stain” on our history. It’s not just some little smear against the tapestry of our “great nation.” It’s in every thread of our history. And until we consciously deal with that, and thoroughly, we cannot heal.

Kelly Scaletta

I write for several outlets as an NBA analyst, including Bleacher Report, FanRag, Dime, BBallBreadown and RealBallInsiders. My political views are my own.